A Vision For Change – Ministers Response

Well I got a response last week from Minister Harney’s Private Secretary about my enquiry on funding for Vision for Change. I was basically sent a rewritten press release with my name on the top of it. The part they really want to ram home is this I think

In view of the significant additional investment in 2006 and 2007, it is appropriate, in 2008, to pause and review the situation to ensure consolidation of the investment to date.

That is no excuse, and we should not be taking it for an excuse. The investemnt is needed according to the minister letter over “7 – 10 years” so why are we stopping after two years of not complete investment?

According to the Minister

A total of €51.2 million has been allocated since 2006 which represents over a third of the overall requirement

Yet we know that most of this money was not spent on the investemnt it was earmarked for!

I am not happy with the response. I will now be contacting my Local TD’s and Senators. I do not like being misled, which this response clearly is aiming to do.

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