Dem Dark Horses: Michigan and Florida.

As most people with an interest in the current nomination procedure. Michigan and Florida were stripped of their Delegates by the DNC for breaking party rules. Now it seams there will be a re-vote in these states to allow the states to be seated at conevntion.

What will this mean for the race? Clinton won both states, but she was the only name on the ballot in Michigan, so the re-vote will have Obama’s name on it. This could also lengthen the primary season and cost the Democrats more money when they need all the money they can get to ensure a Democratic victory come November.

There is a number of stories floating around in the media and US Blogs about this.

According to Politco, there are 5 options for the DNC . They are:

1. The Heck With Them Option: Michigan and Florida broke the rules and should suffer. If they are not made to pay for moving up their contests, 2012 will be even more chaotic than 2008. Strip Michigan and Florida of their delegates, and let the chips fall where they may.

2. The Kumbaya Option: Can’t we all just get along? Let’s seat Michigan and Florida the way the voters voted, and if this helps Clinton, that’s the way the nomination crumbles. The major problem with this, however, is that neither primary was exactly normal. Clinton was the only person on the Michigan ballot, and all the candidates agreed not to campaign in Florida.

3. The Split the Baby Option: Give 50 percent of the delegates to Obama and 50 percent to Clinton. At least this way, the voters of Michigan and Florida will not be insulted and will not punish the Democratic nominee in November.

4. The Mulligan Option: Do it over. Hold new contests. Maybe a caucus in Michigan and a primary in Florida. (Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican, has said he would support a do over in his state.) This option seems to be gaining in popularity within the party. The new contests could be held on the first Tuesday in June, along with Montana’s and South Dakota’s. Sure, this would cost millions, but nobody ever said democracy was cheap.

5. The Lone Ranger Option: Just wait for somebody to ride into town and save the day. Maybe Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean will be able to negotiate a settlement between Obama and Clinton. Except that a source at the DNC told me Dean is in no hurry to intervene. “He wants to let the voters have their say,” the source said. “We need to take a step back. We still have 10 states [plus Guam and Puerto Rico] left to vote and 600 pledged delegates to be determined.”

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But what are the numbers involved? Florida lost 210 pledged delegates and 28 superdelegates, and Michigan lost 156 pledged delegates and 25 superdelegates. Thats more then then the half that are still to play for!

In a statement Howard Dean, head of the DNC, showed what is imported for the Democrats come November.

“As we head towards November, our nominee must have the united support of a strong Democratic Party that’s ready to fight and ready to beat John McCain. After seven years of Republican rule, I am confident that we will elect a Democratic president who will fight for America’s families in the White House. Now we must hear from the voters in twelve states and territories who have yet to make their voices heard.”

(Source: Marc Ambinde Blog)

This is the crux of it for the Dems, they need to sort it quickly, they need to avoid divisions, if they are to beat McCain in November.

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