Eurovision Semi-Final One: Preview and Prediction

Its 49 days to the start of the first part of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia. It will take place on the 20th of May. Here is a short preview of the 19 contestents in the running order of the Songs in Semi-Final 1. I’ll make my usual terrible predictions but they may be updated when I get the CD, which is released the end of April.


1. Montenegro (RTCG) represented by Stefan Filipović, singing “Zauvijek Volim Te
Youtube, Lyrics
Good song, I like it. Its one you can click your fingers too! A nice song that will do well I think.

2. Israel (IBA) represented by Boaz singing “The Fire In Your Eyes
Youtube, Lyrics
I really like this song. Good melody and a strong singer. Has a nice med feel to it. Will qualify I think.

3. Estonia (ETV) represented by Kreisiraadio singing “Leto Svet
Youtube, Lyrics
The first of this years joke entries. Just take a look at the lyrics translation. Terrible song. I hate it.

4. Moldova (TRM) represented by Geta Burlacu singing “A Century Of Love
Youtube, Lyrics
Nice blues feel to this song, like the Czech Republic last year. A nice song. Geta is a good singer and performs this song very well. One to watch.

5. San Marino (SMRTV) represented by Miodio singing “Complice
Youtube, Lyrics
Nice rock feel to this song for San Marino’s Debut entry. This is my first time listening to it and I am impressed. Its a really good song. I hope it does well. (thes are good looking too! 😛 )

6. Belgium (VRT) represented by Ishtar singing “O Julissi
Youtube, Lyrics
This song is in a non-sensical language. The second time Belgium have done this. The last time they did it, they came second. It reminds me of a Disney song for some reason! I like it, its one you can clap along to!

7. Azerbaijan (İctimai) represented by Elnur & Samir singing “Day After Day
Youtube, Lyrics
This years second debutant. Another rock song, which im really liking, though I am not a fan of the start of the song as I like my ears! I think the rest of the song makes up for it though. Good to see Lordi still having an influence! An excellent song.

8. Slovenia (RTVSLO) represented by Rebeka Dremelj singing “Vrag Naj Vzame
Youtube, Lyrics
A nice upbeat song. The first one in this Semi, so that could work to its advantage. I really like this song and think it will do well. Rebeka is a good singer and seams full of energy so could be a good performance in Belgrade.

9. Norway (NRK) represnted by Maria Haukaas Storeng singing “Hold On Be Strong
Youtube, Lyrics
Not sure if this can be classed as a ballad or not. Im saying not at the moment. Its a good song. I love the beat and Maria is a good singer. It dosent really stand out for me at the moment though.

10. Poland (TVP) represented by Isis Gee singing “For Life
Youtube, Lyrics
Just past the halfway mark and we will have our first ballad, which I normally dont like but Isis is a fantastic singer and I am hugely impressed with this song! I love it and I think it will do well. It is a vast improvement on Polands entry last year.

11. Ireland (RTÉ) represented by Dustin the Turkey singing “Irelande Douze Pointe
Youtube, Lyrics
No, No, No. Normally my patriotism has kicked in at this point and I would be supporting Ireland, but god no. Everytime I hear this song it drives me barmy!! Though coming mid-point in the show it could do well enough to qualify, but I doubt. Even Dervish were better then this! I dount even Albania would vote for this!

12. Andorra (RTVA) represnted by Gisela singing “Casanova
Youtube, Lyrics
I really like this fast paced song. It a really good song. I think this will qualify.

13. Bosnia & Herzegovina (BHRT) represented by Laka singing “Pokušaj
Youtube, Lyrics
I just dont get it! Very strange song. I really dont get the chicken or whats going but, thats eurovision!!! I dont think this will qualify

14. Armenia (AMPTV) represented by Sirusho singing “Qele, Qele
Youtube, Lyrics
Good upbeat song, kinda infectious beat to it. Im liking it. Sirusho has a great voice also!

15. The Netherlands (NOS) represented by Hind singing “Your Heart Belongs To Me
Youtube, Lyrics
The Netherlands has decided not to enter a ballad this year! Yay!!! This is an fabulous song. I really like it! It has a nice Spanish feel to it.

16. Finland (YLE) represented by Teräsbetoni singing “Missä Miehet Ratsastaa
Youtube, Lyrics
If proof was needed that Lordi have influenced any entries this year, then this is the one! Really good song, looks like they will have a distinctive ‘style’ on stage also! I wonder how well it will do?? Have we moved on from 2006?

17. Romania (TVR) represented by Nico & Vlad singing “Pe-o Margine De Lume
Youtube, Lyrics
A traditional balled from Romania, which is hugely influenced by lasts years winner. Im kind of disappointed as Romania normally go for something different. But this is a beautiful song. The two singers are well suited to each other and I think this will qualify easily as it is a lovely song.

18. Russia (RTR) represented by Dima Bilan singing “Believe
Youtube, Lyrics
Dima’s second trip to Eurovision. Good modern pop song. Dosent really stand out for me, but I think Russia is more or less sure of qualification. It is a good song though. It improves at the end. Wondering will he hit the high note in Belgrade though?

19. Greece (ERT) represented by Kalomira singing “Secret Combination
Youtube, Lyrics
The last song in this semi-final and again is a pop song, which could work against it due to being after Russia. It’s a nice song though. Greece have a had a few good entries lately and normally do well. This continues there good picks and will do well.

Opinion and Predictions
This Semi looks like it will be a good show with strong ballads from Poland and Romania as well as some rock from Finland and San Marino. Unfortuantely there is the Joke entries, Ireland, Estonia and Bosnia, which is a pity in my opinion as over the last few years Estonia and Bosnia have entered some good songs. I mentioned a previous prediction before from which based its prediction on past voting patterns and heres a reminder of theirs:

1. Russia
2. Romania
3. Greece
4. Estonia
5. Israel
6. Armenia
7. Finland
8. Netherlands
9. Norway

So who are my picks?

I am going to try and pick the 10 that will qualify including the one selected by the jury vote though not say which one! So here goes Stephen’s Kiss of Death Predictions (Nice title eh?). In no particular order.

San Marino

The difference between my predictions this year and last year is that only nine of the entries in this semi-final wont be going through so the odds are better for me! Also dont forget as well as the 19 entrants, Germany and Spain will be voting in this semi-final.

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