Grand Prix Vorentscheid 2008 – Live Blogging Attempt

Okay so heres an attempt at some live blogging. Its my first attempt so be patient! The show being braodcast live from Hamburg starts in about 20 mins. Not in Hamburg btw, watching it from the comfort of my ‘office’ as I’m starting to call the basement. TV is on, eventually found ARD (Das Erste) so all set to go!

BTW I do not speak german, so all my comments will be on my limited knowledge of the language and on the look of the performances.

But first the news. then we should be set to go!

Okay Short ad break hopefully! *crosses *fingers*

Okay here we go! Its starting! 😀

Stage looks cool! have an area jutting into the audience for the judges I think. (PS OMG the presenters teeth! Thank god Terry Wogan aint commentating!)

I wish I knew what he was saying… wheres Joe when I need him…

Okay being introduced to the acts in the “Green Room” No talking just camera shots. Cinema Bizarre scare me and im normally into that kind of thing. No Angels look gogeous!

Ruslana OMG! She looks fab (as usual!) Shes singing Wild Dances! Ahh memories of Instinct…

Just a reminder Ruslana won the ESC back in 2004 for the Ukraine. She was also involved in the Orange Revolution of 2005!

Charlotte Niellson is now singing her 1999 wunning song “Take Me to Your Heaven” the winner for Sweden!

Now we have “Molitva” last years serbian winner Marija Šerifović!

We are now being introduced to the supporters of each entry. I have a press release somewhere about whos supporting who, but am looking for it!

Cant seam to find it but if you want to watch also the webcast is availible (top right!)

The supporters are: comedian Kim Fisher, comedian Tetje Mierendorf, comedian Oliver Pocher, singer Katja Ebstein and news anchor Marc Bator. Not sure who they each are supporting as I dont know, who is who!

Oh god he is now murdering Johnny Logans ‘Hold me now’ my ears…

I think they are taking turns in murdering ESC songs… So far murdered we have “Poupée de cire, poupée de son” (Luxembourg 1965), “Fly on the Wings of Love” (Denmark 2000), “Waterloo” (Sweden 1974), and im not sure of the last one…

Marquess is opening, now have a short ‘postcard’ about them. They are German, dont know why they are singing in Spanish…

So if anyway is voting later 01 is Marquess with “La Histeria.

Good song and the lead singer has a lot of stage presence. The Audience dont seam to be into it. I enjoyed it but Spanish songs havent done well lately for Spain so not sure how well it could do for Germany! Oliver Poucher is suporting them! Dont think it will do well, but my predictions are normally wrong. I don’t think they should represent Germany

Now a ‘postcard’ on Tommy Reeve he will be singing a ballad called “Just One Woman”. Last year germany gave Serbia 8 points so could go for a ballad this year. Number 02 for voting.

For some reason he is reminding me of Paolo Nutini (my spelling is shocking)
Very boring song, didnt impress me at all. Definately should not represent Germany. Kim Fisher is supporting him.

Cinema Bizarre up next with “Forever or Never”. They are 03. They remind me alot of Tokio Hotel. They seam a tad off key to me. They look very stiff on stage. Oh they loosen up, slightly, at the chorus. Think at times it is too high. Not as good as it thought it would be. Though if there is an EMO vote tonight they will get it! Tetje Mierendorf is supporting them. They seam different to the other entries so far selected so could make germany stand out. But I wonder how the German televoters will see it.

Carolin Fortenbacher up next. She sang in Mamma Mia, so expect a good performance. She is singing the only German language entry, “Hinterm Ozean”. Shes number 04 for voting.

She has a wind machine (i think). Carola (Sweden 2007) must be missing hers! Gently song, she shows magnificent stage presence. Great rousing finish, gets the crowd going. This is her home ground (she is from Hamburg). Excellent finish and a great performance. This is the one to beat I think. Great reaction from the audience! Katja Ebstein is supporting her.

No Angels up next. They are number 05 for the voting. Once they are finished I must run up for my handy to vote!

This is my favourite, lets see how they do live.

Oh nice, they came out of the floor. Great song, audience can be heard shouting for them! Nicely choreographed. Still my favourite. Am going to wait for the number to be giving out then run up for my handy. Marc Bator is supporting them. (As well as me)

okay have voted as they are doing a recap of the acts.

I really need to learn German, as I dont know what they are talking about.

After a quick look at the fans outside, we are back in the Green Room talking to the finalists.

Each act now has pleaded for votes. and now an interval act, Last years entry Roger Cicero.

More talking. Oh how I wish for subtitles in English!

Okay I think we are get results now.

Carolin Fortenbacher and No Angels are the final two.

Voted again 21 for Fortenbacher and 22 for No Angels

We know have a medley of Katja Ebstein’s three ESC entries for Germany (1970, 1971 and 1980). “Diese Welt”, “Wunder gibt es immer wieder” and “Theater”. In 1980 she finished 2nd to Johnny Logan! Must say I only know “Diese Welt”.

Lines are now closed as the finalist come back on stage.

Roger Cicero comes out with the results, Im all excited.
No Angels win! The orchestra launch into ‘Congratulations’ Love it! For once I backed an ESC (even in a National Final) winner!

Thats it now. Best of luck to No Angels in Belgrade!

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  1. Now they are violating Katja Ebsteins songs … just while she is in the same room. That’s cruel. Poor Katja.

  2. I only knew one of her songs. Dont remember the other two, then again I wasnt born for any of her entries!

    Glad No Angels won. Its a great song!

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