A solution to the West Lothian Question?

Simon Heffer writing in today’s Telegraph has a very interesting article on Devolution and a solution to the West Lothian Question. I think it has merit, but as he says himself could cause the end of the union.

His idea is that the 529 MP’s representing English Constituencies would form an English Parliament. This is an interesting idea, and I think it should be looked into.

England is left behind with the devolution settlment and unless England is given a say soon, expect to see the rise of the English Democrats, unless the Tories can come up with a solution.

The Tories dont have a solution at the moment, if they can come up with one they will win even more seats in England and probably wont lose seats in Scotland or Wales where they are projected to win a few extra seats (fingers crossed)

BTW Happy St. Georges Day All!

Hattip: Iain Dale

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