Eurovision, Final Preview, no predictions

It 41 days to the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. The Final will take place on the 24th of May, just like the first ever Eurovision Song Contest in 1956. The new format this year sees only 5 automatic qualoifiers, the Big Four (France, Spain, Germany and the UK) and last years winner and this years hosts Serbia! So there is only 5 songs to be heard. As there is only 5, I wil post the Youtube Videos rather then just link to them

Lets go!

United Kingdom (BBC) respresented by Andy Abraham singing “Even If

A nice song, though is it enough to reverse the UK’s recent results? I dont think so. All in all, it is a nice song, may do well in the charts for Andy.

Germany (NDR) represented by No Angels singing “Disappear

Now I voted for this song in the German National Final. I love it and can be heard singing along with it on nights out. This will be the entry I will be supporting! Deustchland Über Alles! *Note to self: buy German flag for Eurovision Night!

France (France 3) represented by Sébastien Tellier singing “Divine

For the first time ever France has entered a song in English!!! When I first heard this song, I didnt like it, though they seamed to have done some work to it. It is a nice song, but it dosent stand out for me, but it does remind me of the beachboys strangely enough.

Spain (TVE) represented by Rodolfo Chikilicuatre singing “Baila el chiki chiki

If you though Dustin was bad, this worse, much worse! I have to agree with Perez Hilton when he calls it the “Stupidest Song Ever“. I’ll be cringing in horror when this one comes on! I would say nil points but neighbourly voting will see Andorra and Portugal voting for Spain.

Serbia (RTS) represented by Jelena Tomašević singing “Oro

Serbia follow up on lasts years winner with another lovely ballad. I like this song, but I think their are stronger ballads in the competition especially Poland. Can Serbia make it two in a row?

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One thought on “Eurovision, Final Preview, no predictions”

  1. Is that guy meant to be Spains answer to Weird Al Yankovic or something? The song is clearly just Gasolina with some crap over the top. We laugh at the emerging pop culture of third world countries that mimic our out of date 80’s styles (see the numerous Bollywood takes on Michael Jacksons Thriller) and yet it seems as if Spain has landed itself in the same sludge.

    Out of the five I’ll go with the binman.

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