Fathers Response to Gay Kids

Its not very often I get emotional over a blog post, but there are two over on the PFLAG blog that make me emotional, in fact make me tear up!

The first is by President of PFLAG, John R. Cepek, entitled “Father Knows Best: Having a Gay Son is Great“. An excellent post setting out why they are doing it and his expeirences.

The second which also brought a tear to my eye is “You Bet I Am” by Paul Wertsch, M.D. This is a wonderful post, showing the relationship between father and son. Its fantastic.

There are another 3 to come, so will update this post when they are published!

So why are PFLAG posting these?
Well it all comes down to an Details Magazine Article entitled “Would You Really Be Okay With a Gay Kid?” (emphasis their’s not mine) by David Hochman who interviews 3 anonymous Dads. Now the article is a bit of a mix up. It does confuse Sexual Orientation with Gender Identity, a whole different kettle of fish, that I get confused by, let alone a parent when faced by a hypotheical situation as posed in this article.

The posts from PFLAG Dads are refreshing and show the other side, what its actually like to have a gay son. For some reason, it always seams to be the mothers who get attention but Dad’s can be just as supportive. Just like Mine!

Update: Day 3’s post: “Nothing More Satisfying” about being a father to a gay High School Kid. Short but interesting.

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