Lisbon Treaty: State of Play, April 3rd

I think I will be updating this list alot for the next month or so. One of the potential obstacles, I highlated, for the treaty was overcome when Poland ratified the treaty this week! It passed the Sejm with a wopping majority of 326 votes!! (384 for, 56 against) It passed the Senate 74 votes to 17. Thank you Poland. Seven down, twenty to go!

AustriaParliamentary Vote. In Progress. Vote due in both houses on 9th April

BelgiumParliamentary Vote. In Progress. Has passed the Senate (6th March). Still has to pass Chamber of Representatives (9th April), Brussels Regional Parliament, Flemish Parliament, Walloon Parliament, French Community Parliament and the German-speaking Community Parliament all due Mid-July

BulgariaParliamentary Vote. Approved 21/3/2008

CyprusParliamentary Vote.

Czech RepublicParliamentary Vote. In Progress.

DenmarkParliamentary Vote. In Progress. Vote due in June.

EstoniaParliamentary Vote. In Progress. Vote due in May.

FinlandParliamentary Vote. Vote due in the Autumn.

FranceParliamentary Vote. Approved : 08/02/2008

GermanyParliamentary Vote. In Progress. Both houses due to vote on the 23rd May.

GreeceParliamentary Vote. Vote due in Spring.

HungaryParliamentary Vote. Approved : 17/12/2007

Republic of IrelandReferendum. Referendum due in June.

ItalyParliamentary Vote. In Progress.

LatviaParliamentary Vote. In Progress. Vote due in April

LithuaniaParliamentary Vote. In Progress. Vote due before May 9th.

LuxembourgParliamentary Vote. In Progress. Vote due in June.

MaltaParliamentary Vote. Approved : 29/01/2008

NetherlandsParliamentary Vote. Vote due in the First chamber in the Autumn.

PolandParliamentary Vote. Approved : 02/04/2008

PortugalParliamentary Vote. Vote due on the 23rd April

RomaniaParliamentary Vote. Approved : 04/02/2008

SlovakiaParliamentary Vote. In Progress.

SloveniaParliamentary Vote. Approved : 29/01/2008

Spain Parliamentary Vote.

SwedenParliamentary Vote. Vote due in November.

United KingdomParliamentary Vote. In Progress. Passed the House of Commons (11th March). House of Lords to vote in April. Date TBD for Gibraltar Parliament.


EDIT: Seven countries have passed the treaty not six! it turns out I cant count!

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