YFG Posters to "Excite Electorate on Lisbon Treaty"

So remember the competition that I mentioned John over at Semper Idem blogged about? Well we have the results of it.

And the press release accompanying them claims the following

YFG President, Barry Walsh said: “Young Fine Gael does not propose the young people of Ireland support this Treaty purely on the basis of past economic and social benefits to Ireland. Rather, we believe it should be supported because of the real potential it offers to further improve the prospects of the young people of Ireland and Europe. The benefits to young people are clear.

My Opinion?
I dont like them! I prefer the posters we had for Nice, they were more sutle and interesting and werent so blatant! I know this was a open competition but come on people get your mind out of the gutters!

Some other reactions to the poster campaigns.

Green Ink has a fantastic pic over on IrishElection. Damien Mulley has a few interesting links on other peoples opinions and rejigs on it!

Young Fine Gael Aim to Excite Electorate on Lisbon Treaty – YFG PR

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