Another Eurovision Contest

It seams every year we get a new Eurovision Contest, last year it was the Eurovision Dance Contest, which is also being held this year, this time in Glasgow, from this year the winner will host it.

This year we have a show based on a idea that has been going for a long time, talent shows! Thats right we will have a Eurovision Talent Contest! With the success of Britain’s Got Talent I am not actually surprised by this. So what’s it about?

A talent show that uncovers the best, most unique and surprising talents wherever they may be in a pan-European event set up along competitive lines and keying into the most powerful elements of the Eurovision brand and formula. The format is based broadly on non-verbal material in order to overcome language barriers

The internet will feature heavily in it as contestants will “upload video of their special talent or act onto the site for the material to be accessed by show producers, panel judges and other members of the online community, including major social networking platforms, where the content can be redistributed virally.”

Also the initial stages “will take place exclusively online before being integrated into a national and international television offering. This creates a genuinely interactive and multi-platform television event.”

There will be a judging panel who will announce there votes. National Finalists are expected to be selected by televoting.

Only two stations have confirmed participation so far, they are Channel One of Russia and NPO of the Netherlands. I wonder will RTÉ enter this or just focus on the Eurovision Song Contest and the Eurovision Dance Contest? It doesn’t seam likely that RTÉ or TG4 (which is also eligible) to enter the Junior Eurovsion Song Contest which will take place on November 22 in Limassol, Cyprus.

I also just found some interesting information on the Dance Contest which I mentioned earlier in the post, Ireland will be represented by Richard Rock and Kelly Smyth according to Wikipedia. That event will take place on the 6th of September in Glasgow as already stated.


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