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I wish to apologies to everyone for my complete absence of blogging during Eurovision. Gamma, gave out to me already. I know I normally blog a lot during Eurovision, but this year due to moving back home, going canvassing and generally going out to meet friends I didn’t have time to blog.

So what did I think of Eurovision?

I enjoyed the format this year, it was a pity that the second semi was stronger but that also made it more enjoyable.

Dustin was a fun entry but come on, we knew it wasn’t going to do well. At least he didn’t come last in the Semi and had more then one country voting for him!

I was really surprised at how badly Sweden did and how well Norway did!

The Ukraine ended up being my favourite but it was close between Ukraine, Denmark and Norway for my vote on Saturday, I eventually decided on “Shady Lady”! On Tuesday I voted for Norway.

For the third year in a row we gave the UK 8 points. I dont know why really.

Russia did deserve to win as they picked up points nearly from every country. Its not just the neighbours, but they help!

So how did I do on my predictions?

In the first Semi I said
Poland – Yup
Finland – Yup
Russia – Yup
Israel – Yup
San Marino – Nope
Norway – Yup
Andorra – Nope
Greece – Yup
Belgium – Nope
Armenia – Yup

7/10 delighted on that one. I missed Azerbaijan, who were really good. Bosnia & Herzegovina, who also surprised me and Romania.

In the Second Semi I said

Ukraine – Yup
Sweden – Yup (thank you juries)
Bulgaria – Nope
Denmark – Yup
Malta – Nope
Croatia – Yup
Latvia – Yup
Georgia – Yup
FYR Macedonia – Nope (damn you juries!)
Hungary – Nope

So again I got 7/10 not bad like! The juries saved Sweden but at the expense of FYR Macedonia who came in 10th in the Televoting. I missed out on Turkey, Iceland and Portugal.

Anyway thats enough rambling bout Eurovision for now!

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