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Well its been a dismal night for Labour. Labour have had the worst result since the 1960’s! They came third to the Lib Dems again! While on the other hand its been a fantastic night for the Conservatives! The share of the vote according to the BBC is Conservatives 44%, Liberal Democrats 25% and Labour 24%. For fun I put those into Electoral Calculus and I got the following: Con 399, Lab 155, LD 68. Thats a Con Majority of 148!

So an update on my predictions

* Boris will win the London Mayoralty
No results couting starting later today

* Conservatives will win the highest vote share nationally but will lose Coventry and gain Reading.
Conservatives have lost Coventry to NOC, no results yet from Reading and the Conservtaives have gotten the highest vote share

* Labour will come second nationally but do better in Northern England.
Wrong on the first, debatable on the second, they came third in the national vote, but are just clinging on in the North

* LibDems will lose Loverpool but stay in third with a net loss of seats.
The LibDems have lost Liverpool to NOC and they came second overall!

The results so far 09:00 CET (08:00GMT) GAINS and LOSES Only
Con Gains
Basingstoke & Deane from NOC. Cons gain 5 seats from LD (2), Lab (2) and Other (1)
Bury from NOC. Cons gain 3 seats from Lab and the LD’s also take 1 from Lab.
Elmbridge from NOC. Cons gain 4 seats at the expense of Residents Association (3) and LD’s 1
Harlow from NOC. Cons gain 5 seats from Lab (4) and Others (1)
Maidstone from NOC. Cons gain 2 seats while Lab lose 2 and Lib Dems also lose 1. Others gaining 1 here
Nuneaton & Bedworth from Lab! Cons gain 4 seats while Labour lose 6. BNP get 2 seats here
Southampton from NOC. Cons gain 8 seats with Lab (4) LD’s (3) and Others (1) losing out. Interestingly colleagues from PolUK both 18 have won seats on Southampton Council! Well done Ben and Paul!
Vale Of Glamorgan from NOC. No details on BBC Website, but are calling it Con, Sky are saying reults pending.
West Lindsey from LD. Cons gain 4 seats from LD.
Wyre Forest from NOC. Cons gain 4 from Lab (2) Liberals, not LD’s (1) and others (1)

Con Loses
Coventry to NOC, as predicted. Cons lost 1 seat to Lab
Colchester to NOC. Cons lose 5 seats with the LD’s picking up 4 and Lab 1.

Liberal Democrats Gains
Kingston-Upon-Hull from NOC. LD’s gain 5 from Others (4) and Labour (1)
St Albans from NOC. LDs gain 1 and the Cons gain 3. Lab lose 3 and others lose 1

LD Loses
Liverpool to NOC. LDs lose 3 seats and the Liberals lose 1 seat. Greens pick up 1 and Labour pick up 3.
Pendle to NOC. LDs lose 8 seats with Lab (4), Cons (2), BNP (1) and others (1) gaining.

Labour Gains
Durham. This is one of the new unitary authoritys. Results: Lab 67, LD 27, Con 10, Others 22

Labour Loses
Blaenau Gwent to NOC. Lab lose 8 seats to others.
Flintshire to NOC. Lab loses 13 seats to Others (7), Con (5) and LD (1)
Hartlepool to NOC. Lab and LD lose 1 seat apiece which are picked up by Cons and UKIP
Merthyr Tydfil to NOC. Lab loses 9 seats with the LD picking up 6 and 3.
Torfaen to NOC. Lab down 16 seats. Others gain 12 and Cons 4.

The headline figures:
Con 45 +8
Lab 14 -6
LD 6 -1
NOC 36 -1

Conservative 1977 (+147)
Labour 1573 (-162)
Liberal Democrats 1086 (+9)
Plaid Cymru 43 (+8)
Residents Association 31 (-12)
Green 23 (+3)
Liberals 16 (-2)
BNP 11 (+8)
Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern 10 (NC)
UKIP 4 (+2)
Respect 4 (+1)
Socialist Alternative 2 (NC)
Others 360 (-2)

Some gain by the BNP and UKIP but massive losses by Lab. Before results came in, I predicted (via comment) on ConservativeHome that Cons would gain 180 (well on track and Lab would lose 120 (way off track!).

Is it time for Brown to go?

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