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So I got an anonymous email today which has sparked my interest! It has warned me about an event in Cork that I am annoyed about. Well now that I know about it!

Dear Mr Spillane

This weekend sees Cork’s City Hall play host to a 3-day ‘Mental Health
Awareness Weekend’. While ostensibly organised by the “Citizen’s
Commission for Human Rights Ireland”, this is in reality a front group
set up by the Church of Scientology to campaign against psychology and
psychiatry, with their event this weekend going so far as to feature
lectures from a ‘Dianetics counsellor’.

As you can read on their website they believe that
“psychiatrists ruin lives and undermine society at huge cost” and that
each of “ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression or schizophrenia” is an
“invented psychiatric disorder”. One of the aims listed on the site is
to “ban psychiatric drugs labelling them a human rights abuse”. Their
site advises visitors to “support legislative measures that will
protect children from psychiatric and psychological interference and
which will remove their destructive influence from Irish schools” and
says that “psychiatric and psychological services should not be funded
by the State” and to “Remove psychiatrists as advisors or counsellors
from police forces, prisons, criminal and drug rehabilitation and
parole services. Do not permit them to give opinions about or to treat
drug addiction, criminal behavior and delinquency”

In the words of Scientology’s current leader, David Miscavige,
addressing the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) in
1995: “Objective One – place Scientology at the absolute forefront of
Society. Objective Two – eliminate psychiatry in all its forms. Weaa
don’t care what the current think is regarding what’s wrong with
theplanet. Government won’t handle it. Politics won’t handle it.
Legislation won’t handle it. All that’s going to handle it is what we,
of the IAS, have set down in stone. Let’s get rid of psychiatry, and
let’s bring Scientology to every man, woman and child on this planet.”

You can learn more about the CCHR at the following websites:

The Email was addressed to me and I would like to thank the sender for bringing it to my attention!

I hate these people so much. The Mental Health Services do great work. I was recently discharged from the Mental Health Service, I am not a survivor, I am cured. I get very frustrated, as all my Doctors, therapists, and counselors. If it were not for them I would still be in a bad way and out of work.

Obviously medication deos not work for everyone but it works for some!

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

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  1. I got the same unsolicited spammy email, but with a less personal greeting, during the week. While Scientology, like all religions, is inherently bad for people in the long run, I find the whole “Anonymous” thing repulsive.

    And as for medication in regard to mental health… its being abused left right and center by GP’s and other medics. If I wanted to, I could have a stockpile of Prozac, Diazepam, Tranxene and a whole host of other exotic sounding “sweets” by this evening after a quick trip to my GP. “Fill em up on drugs” is the all too often the answer to mental illness.

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