"no alternative to a new referendum"

From todays Indo

TAOISEACH Brian Cowen has been given a year by his European counterparts to push through a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, the Irish Independent has learned.

EU leaders yesterday firmly ruled out a renegotiation of the treaty as a way to resolve the crisis caused by Ireland’s ‘No’ vote last week.

Government sources said it was also made clear that there was no alternative to a new referendum.

I am very annoyed!!! 55% of people eligible to vote turned up to vote on June 12th and the majority said “NO”.

Though I was supporting a “Yes” vote during the campaign, if EU leaders are adamant that we vote on this treaty without changes then I will vote NO on the second go round.

I want a Europe that is democratic and transparent. This is not how we get it! Ignoring the democratic will of the Irish people will not endear Europe to us.

When France and the Netherland voted “NO” there voices were respected. Why aren’t ours?

Some during the referendum claimed a “No” vote would lead to a two tier Europe. What the vote has shown is that there IS a two tier Europe, One Europe of core founding and large states and one of late comers on the periphry.

This is not a fair Europe.

This outcome has actually led me to become quite Eurosceptic which is strange considering I do support a united Europe….

Time to go rethink where I stand….

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