Voting No? Then we could lose our commissioner next year!

Yes, thats right! Libertas is telling lies! According to Fine Gael TD Leo Varadkar

Under Lisbon, the European Commission will be reduced in size to 18 Commissioners from 2014 and all countries will rotate on and off the commission in strict equality. In short, each country will nominate a Commissioner for ten years out of every 15. In fact, there is even a clause in the Lisbon Treaty that would allow for all countries to continue to have a Commissioner indefinitely, should all countries want that to happen.

“However, if the Referendum is lost, the compromise agreed at Lisbon falls and the provisions of the Nice Treaty will apply. Under Nice, the Commission will be reduced to 26 or fewer members from the middle of next year

So how EU members states are there? 27. How many commissioners? 26. Chances are if we vote know, we will lose.

People forget that this was an issue under the Nice Treaty. We already accepted the fact that we will not always have a commissioner. Lisbon sets it out on a more equal basis!

Vote YES to retain our commissioner! (For another bit!)

Full Press Release

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