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Okay so I can see me getting into a spot of bother with this post, but I seam to be heading more right wing in my old age (I turn an old 23 this year 😛 ). But anyway, Kevin Myers got into a spot of bother this week (not a new thing for him) over a colum he wrote for Indo on July 10th entitled “Africa is giving nothing to anyone — apart from AIDS” he raises some good points about population in Africa and how many people can an overstretched continent support? While I might some share some of his exacts thoughts on this issue I think it is something we should be able to share our views on without being called ‘racist’ or have Immigrant Council of Ireland make complaint about views.

Myer’s column on Friday was also interesting and takes another look at the Olympics, completely ignoring the Tibetan issue (which I am still slightly torn over) but is worth a read. “Corrupt, from the starting blocks to the finishing line” does paint a goodpicture of a country that has hosted the Olympic games.

After every Olympics, the hosts resemble Belgium 1918: broken, beaten, shattered — their economies ruined, their cities devastated, their sons slain on this Olympian field. The voices rise, querulously declaring, never again: NEVER AGAIN!

He has a point… Im beginning to feel sorry for China

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