My Opinion on Pinhole Glasses

So yes, I am starting to do reviews. I was approached recently to do a review of pinhole glasses. I received the glasses over a week ago and have been using them.

Pinhole Glasses are for people suffering from Myopia, Presbyopia, Hyperopia, Cataracts and Astigmatism who feel that prescription glasses are not doing the best for them. Now I must admit I was skeptical about the glasses as I have a blind spot and I was unsure how the Pinhole technique would work. But I must say I was surprised and have noticed I can watch TV and films just as well (if not better) then with my prescription glasses.

So how do they work?

Pinhole Glasses work by feeding the pupil with direct rays as far as possible. Light rays coming at extreme angles require a large amount of refraction by your lens to form the correct image. Wearing pinhole glasses prevent these rays from entering your eyes. This checks them from distorting the image and consequently you see a better image. This image is of better definition, clarity and brightness.

This is something I have noticed, that the TV no longer has blurry edges and I no longer miss small things in films, which I can never see!


No peripheral vision!! You should not wear these glasses driving and even walking in them can be dangerous at times unless you know your surroundings. I would also not recommend wearing them outside unless you like getting stared at. Then again when wearing these glasses you wont see them!


As the website claims pinhole eyeglasses are affordable being priced at $14.99 (about €10) which these glasses certainly are worth.

Is there any one who can’t use pinhole glasses?

People with refractory errors of 6 diopters or more, may find little benefit from pinhole glasses.

My Impression?

As you can see from the picture the pinhole glasses look good and I don’t mind wearing them as I don’t look as dorky as I do with my normal glasses. I am even wearing them writing this and notice a huge difference as it takes my eyes less time to focus on the screen as there is no distractions.

The glasses can be easily ordered from the website:

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Pinhole Glasses”

  1. I have been attempting to Google a site that explains details and specifications for pinhole glasses, such as hole size, spacing, and thickness of plastic, etc..

    Mostly, sellers, buyers, seekers, skeptics, and others over look the facts behind pinholes. Human seeing is a combined function of optical physics and mental/brain activities, and the eyes serve as an interface.

    Few seem to “know” this, including many eye doctors. So most of the questions and answers don’t address the real concerns and problems.

    I have been attempting to Google something definitive about the above because if someone has this info, I will not have to recreate it. I can read about it, see what’s missing and go from there.

    I appreciate any help that someone cares to give me.


    [Stephen, you miss used “then” where “than” should have been used? Seems to me the British may not have the same use for “then/than” than Americans do. Then perhaps this explains the “miss use”?

    I was taught “then” refers to time, and “than” refers to condition. Of course I am a product of a less than perfect American school system. So, then I may than be happy to thank someone who corrects this incorrect think!

  2. Firstly Thanks for the comment, and secondly I hope you found this information useful.

    Thirdly Then/than I dont type Bristish English, I type Irish English which is slightly different to British English.

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