A possible solution?

Again and again Lisbon raises it head. I was at an FG Branch meeting last week when an idea for a solution to Lisbon was aired. Split in three was the suggestion. The three sections would be:

1. The institutional reform part of the treaty

2. The Charter for Fundamental Rights

3. The Common Foreign and Security Policy

Now that should make things a bit easier and you split the argument in 3 and means those who know the EU needs reforming but who have doubts on CFSP and on the Charter can vote no to them. The UK and Poland have secured opt-outs on the Charter and Denmark has long held opt-outs (from Amsterdam or Maastricht) on CFSP.

Of course I would vote Yes to all 3 and would be encouraging people to vote YES-YES-YES.

Decisions are going to have to be made soon and if the Government put the same question again, I wont be supporting it.

Lisbon Round II? No Thanks!

Author: Stephen

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One thought on “A possible solution?”

  1. rejection of 1,2 or 3 would also result in the ratification process failing as we have signed up to elements of the Common Foreign and Security Policy such as the Solidarity Clause and Mutual Assistance, right?

    The rest of the EU does not want to renegotiate and re-ratify a new treaty and simply dropping the CFSP would not be easy as the negotiations involved compromises in certain areas to gain benefits in others. If Ireland and every other EU country cherry-picks elements of each EU Treaty, the EU would become unworkable.

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