Another opinion poll….

This time Ireland! Its an interesting one too.

The Party Breakdown is as follows

Fianna Fail 36% (down 4)
Fine Gael 28% (up 3)
Labour 9% (down 1)
Sinn Fein 9% (down 1)
Greens 7% (no change)
PD’s 3% (up 1)

(June poll available here in PDF)

In another question in the poll 50% of people are not confident that the government can get the economy out of the current downturn.

Its nice to see FG up and FF down below the 40% (the polled 42% at the last General Election), also these polls are leading us into the local and european elections next year.

The PD’s being up is a bit strange considering while the poll was being carried out, the leadership decided they were not politically viable. Then again the fact the PD’s were in the media a lot over the grealish debacle raised their profile. But where will that 3% go is the question on everyone’s lips?

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Author: Stephen

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One thought on “Another opinion poll….”

  1. I reckon 1% to FG, 1% to FF and the other will fracture between the other parties. The question is where will the votes count?

    Fiona O’Malley’s votes will probably win FG another seat in Dun Laoghaire, but no-where else can I see an FG candidate comeing within a margin of defeat where PD votes would count. More likely, this will help Fianna Fail – in Dublin South, Limerick East and, of course, Galway West.

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