I Support McCain/Palin – GET OVER IT!

So I posted before that I supported McCain/Palin and have it on MSN and GTalk that I support them and it has landed me in no ends of arguments with friends. I am a gay right wing conservative, yes not a lot of people can put those things together as I noted back in April but I seam to be getting it again, this time in Ireland from fellow Fine Gaelers!!! I dont get it! I really dont! But anyway anyone who tries to argue with me over who I support is fighting a losing battle, there is no way I could support Obama. Hes in experienced and has shown no initiative in his terms as State Senator or Senator to reform (unlike Palin). His VP pick of Biden made me more anti-Obama.

So I could right on and on about this but I ain’t the poeple arguing know who they are and can stop now please! Thanks

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for SpirtualityIreland.org and UCC Express.

5 thoughts on “I Support McCain/Palin – GET OVER IT!”

  1. Oh dear 🙁

    I won’t argue with you, after all it is a mark of conservatives to be set in their ways regardless of pesky things like facts and logic 😉 (you know I love you really though!)

    Still, for the benefit of anyone else reading this it might be nice to state a brief rebuttal for the sake of balance:

    Palin is quite possibly the least qualified candidate in history, a proven liar when it comes to her record (or lack thereof) of supposedly rejecting earmarks, and supported a church which advocates “praying away the gay”.

    Obama’s supposed lack of experience is mediated by the fact that his judgment has been far superior to McCain’s in practically every way. Obama opposed the War in Iraq, when more “experienced” senators, Clinton and McCain among them, did not. Obama’s economic policies are objectively better according to the majority of experts, which is no surprise considering McCain is convinced that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong”.

    All the experience in the world cannot change the fact that McCain is simply wrong on the issues, which explains why his campaign has sought to divert attention away from the issues in recent weeks, through lies and distortions aimed at making the race fo the White House about personality instead of policy.

    Just my two cents.

  2. right-wing conservative means different things in different countries and perhaps you are blindly following labels instead of values.

    Compare and contrast the coservatives in Germany with the US and you´ll see that they are more like democrats imho. Their values lie market socialism – the encouragement of business and entrepreneurship to create success. However, US conservatives are more rooted in religous agenda, wrapping themselves in the national flag and decimating civil rights.

    Furthermore, while the republicans are pro-business and anti-union, consider which types of business they represent. I´m afraid that it is more likely to be mega-rich oil corporations and the armaments industry rather than small and medium enterprises. Rising unemployment and people moving from middle to lower class jobs has been the result.

    Left-wing parties here generally oppose things like privitisation, but I don´t think you could say the same of the Democrats. They do earn more left-wing points by supporting things like university education and healthcare which is no bad thing and is in line with so-called conservative parties here in my opinion. Have you heard the Tories calling for the privitisation of the NHS here recently?

  3. okay I dont want a running arguement on this BUT I do know about the stuff apart from whats being reported in the media (i did study politics i can seperate fact from spin, most of the time). I used to identify as a Democrat supporter but since Obama started taking over I dont like how they seam to use politics as a religion. McCain, and Palin in lesser respect, actually seam like real politicains i would trust, so I dont argue with 100% of what they say, i rarely agree with any politician that I vote for 100% but I agree with the majority of what they say.

    I take on board both of yer points, amd Joe I know the center in american politics is a bit further right then it is in Europe.

    And thats all im saying!

    (oh and I love you too Brian and joe)

  4. love you too!

    how about comparing policies indpendently, i.e. not what is thrown out by partisans. You could look at tax policy, education, defense, defense spending, civil liberties, views on abortion, gay rights, creationism, trade unions and protecting the environment

  5. views on abortion, gay rights, creationism wouldnt affect how i vote a great deal. tax policy, education, defense, defense spending, civil liberties and to a lesser extent the environment would have more of a say on how i vote, maybe i will do a bit of reserach and do some contrasting and show why i support but it will be mid-october before i have time to do that, though you never know.

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