If the polls are right…

Via HotAir

New York could become a Battle Ground State! Thats according to the latest Siena Poll the voting intentions were Obama 46% and McCain 41%. This is in comparison to last months poll which had Obama on 47% and McCain 39%. The gap is closing as there is less undecided voters.

New York is traditionally a Democrat state and hasn’t voted Republican since 1984. Will it change to a republican this year? If NY does change to a Battle Ground State then it will force Obama to spend money there to shore up support and means it cant invest it in other Battle Ground States, this could create a new dynamic in this years election as if NY becomes a Battle Ground State then that is 31 Electoral College votes up for grabs and would make it the largest one! Currently Florida is the largest Battle Ground State with 27 electoral college votes.

It will be a fun Fall (Autumn!!!)

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