"Progressive Democrats is no longer politically viable"

Well a meeting of the PD Parliamentary Party (all four of them) ended recently and have decided according to the Party Leader, Senator Ciaran Cannon said:

“It is the opinion of the parliamentary party that the Progressive Democrats is no longer politically viable.”

Source (Breakingnews.ie)

It is sad in one way that the party that tried to break the mold in Irish Politics when it was established by Des O’Malley back in 1985 (the party is as old as me). He did have good ideas and stood for his ideals. I also had a grudging respect for Michael McDowell who was an excellent politician and minister.

I suppose the demise of the PD’s cant be bad for any party really as their will be less competition for votes at the election next year, but who will gain from it? Fianna Fail look set to gain initially with Grealish and his cohort of councillors heading for them but will the voters agree with that decision and might not vote for Fianna Fail but one of the other parties. Only time will tell.

Author: Stephen

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