TK Maxx a Rip Off?!?!

As any one who lives in Cork will know TK Maxx recently opened as the anchor store in the new Cornmarket Street Centre. TK Maxx claim thay have all the top brands at 60% off. But is it really good value? and how can they be making money?

I now work in a clothes shop and was talking with my boss about it. My boss has a friend who is head of a clothing company in the UK so he asked him on the phone. He explained that in the UK you are not a brand unless you are in there. We asked what he supplied and he said three season old stuff and SMA’s (SMA’s are Specially Modified Articles, eg cheaper versions using cheaper fabrics etc). So basically you are, based on this company, paying 60% of the RRP of 3 seasons ago and sheaper versions too!

We at work are currently on sale and have 50% on Spring/Summer 08 stock. If we still had 3 season old stuff it would be in the €10 bins! It amazes me how people can be lulled into this sense of saving money! While I have gotten stuff there before (in Tralee) you need to have time and patience (and luck!) to find something you like! While I agree you can find bargins esp in shoes and home wares its very rare I find something in the clothes section and I shop in penneys for gods sake! (Well before I started in my current employment where my discount is amazing!)

Any way thats enough of a rant about clothes, time to get back to politics!

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

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