Reviews: Japanes Aimation Programme and Mexican Shorts 1

Well yesterday I went to the above mentioned screenings. The Japanese Animation Programme was amazing! All the shorts were from Open Art who specialise in short animations. A few of the shorts in that stood out. One was “Fishermen”, the last short shown. It was an excellent short film on a world with out oceans! It was fantastic, the animation was out of this world! The film had everyone glued to it, an excellent piece. Another was “The Happy Thermometer” which can be viewed on Open Art’s PodCast (Quicktime req). Another good animation which was funny at the start but has a turn! Do watch it!

The Mexican Shorts were, ahm, different. The majority in yesterdays screening concerned death, either suicide or murder or just plane disappearance. “Una Bala” (One Bullet) was amazing film about someone who tries to commit sucide but keeps finding people who should accompany him. A fantastic short with an unexpected twist! Always good in a short film! La Partida (Departure) was another good one. In this short you heard what a partly deaf woman hears as she struggles through her day and what she hears through her hearing aid. You do not see what she sees, but the hearing gives the film something totally different. I was hooked on it over it! Los Maravillosos Olores De La Vida (The Wonderful Scents of Life) was another excellent film, all about some ones love of killing. Well worth seeing.

Today I am going to see Spinnin’ at 15:30 in the Gate Cinema and tonight I am going to the Blindness, tonights gala in the Opera House. Should be fun.

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