Independent to run in Cork South Central Ward

Ok I know I am an Fine Gaeler and would like to see them do well at next years election I am also willing to put up articles about others who are running for the Local’s in my Ward and neighbouring wards.

Yesterday we got two business cards in the door for Mick Finn who is running as an independent candidate in next years local elections in Cork South Central LEA*. Mick is a 36 year old project worker. He has a website which is up and running which details his policy priorities, most of which I have issue with as they are national issues. One of the issues Mick does raise and one I really like and will ensure that he gets a transfer from me is the following:

Develop a Visitor Centre and Weekly Farmers & Craft Market at Elizabeth Fort, Barrack Street to help revitalise this historic yet under-utilised area

A fantatsic idea that will help with the regeneration of the Barracks St. area.

With Mick now in the running the ballot for Cork South Central LEA is looking like this:
Cllr. Denis Cregan (FG)
Cllr. Tom O’Driscoll (FF)
Cllr. Sean Martin (FF)
Cllr. Lorraine Kingston (Lab)
Cllr. Fiona Kerins (SF)
Emmet O’Halloran (FG)
Mick Finn (Ind)

I may undertake a survey of the candiates in the near future on Local Issues. It will be
an interesting election.

*LEA: Local Electoral Area

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

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