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I stayed largely away from the Debate on Prop 8 going on in blogosphere apart from one post about Google supporting it (which I regret btw), but the actions of people since the passing of the proposition makes me wonder if I would have voted no considering my position gay marriage. I kind of have to agree with in calling them sore losers. The people of California have voted 52.5% to 47.5% (results from Ballotpedia)

Now I am all in favour of democracy and think the fact that the PEOPLE overturned the decision of the Court to be a good thing. BUT what about all the same-sex couples who did get married, what happens to them? They are in a legal limbo. It is these people I feel sorry for.

The actions of the sore losers is what will not gain gay marriage any more supporters in fact it will harden the stance of those against it. The idea of bringing yet another court case will also harden the stance of the opponents as you are ignoring the will of the PEOPLE.

I think they should wait another four years as they can but another amendment forward. Why four years? Exit pools showed that young people supported the measure by a large majority so maybe that is the tactic they should be thinking of.

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  1. The g/l anger regarding Prop 8 is certainly understandable and reasonable. What is not reasonable is their focus on the Mormon Church. The frustration should be focused on the State. This is a constitutional issue not a voting issue. The Church has the same rights as everyone else in this country. Note – I am not Mormon. I simply ask that individual rights be respected. I don’t concur with their beliefs but they are entitled to their beliefs just as the g/l communities are entitled to theirs. Please read my blog concerning this issue:

    Warmest Regards, Hope4Equality

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