Review of Fenn’s Quay Restaurant

Fenn’s Quay Restaurant,

Sheeres Street,

Last Monday on our staff night out we went to Fenn’s Quay for a meal. And may I say what a meal. The staff were lovely and efficent. The place was well laid out, comfortable and relaxing. And the food was amazing!

The manager recommended a lovely bottle of wine to me, which I have since forgotten the name of, as I was very drunk, but it was an unusual name. I had the warm chicken salad for starters and as I am not normally a starter person so I was not sure what to expect. It was delicious crispy chicken! So would love some again!

For main course I had an 8oz fillet steak cooked rare and it was amazing! Served with it was some of the nicest wedges I had in a long time (that weren’t cooked by the mother that is!). I was good and didn’t have a desert, but the people who did said it was gorgeous.

Overall this Restaurant is what people have being saying and is worth a visit!

Rated 5/5 on Nov 29 2008
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Author: Stephen

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