2008 – A year in Blog Posts Part 1 (Jan – Mar)

The Cologne Cathedral at the Rhine river is a ...Image via Wikipedia2008 has been a great year for me. I left this island for a short spell in Germany and various other things have happened since then. So to celebrate that I am looking through the archives off this blog and my recently closed German blog and posting what I think are interesting posts from the last 12 months. The first part is looking at January to March. I was hoping to do this in one post but it will be a bit long if I do. More during the week!

January was a great month for me as I arrived in Germany and settled in. I also made a few predictions.

German Blog
# Contact Made and Day 1
The end of my first day as an au pair.
# Day 5: Sick no longer, getting into the Routine and Karneval!
Title sums it up.
#Karneval and Karneval Songs
Some music
# Karneval nearly sorted and an update!
How to get ready for Karneval
# Touristy things and whats happening this weekend
Some interesting things around Koeln
# Kölle Alaaf (Long live Cologne!) and Photos!
Last post before Karneval

This Blog
# US Election 2008
I predicted a democratic win, but thought it would be Clinton.
# Election Results: Hessen (Hesse) unt Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
Some election results
# Treaty of Lisbon Reasons for a Yes Vote. Part 1
I tried to convince people early and from Germany
# Treaty of Lisbon Part 2: Making the EU more democratic
More on Lisbon
# My first post about Eurovision: Dustin the Turkey to represent Ireland
My first post about Eurovision and the turkey…

Hungover for half the month over Karneval. Eurovision, US Primaries, Kosovo, and of course Lisbon dominated. I also started EU Links for a bit.

German Blog
# Karneval: photos
Links to photos from an amazing weekend!
# German Txt Spk
A post on Texting in German.
# Mark Twain: The Awful German Language
This should be compulsory reading for all students of German.

This Blog
# Treaty of Lisbon Episode 3: Efficient and modern institutions
# Interesting Facebook Groups
What it says on the tin
# Eurovision: Dustin suffers backlash
Phil Coulter, Frank McNamara and Shay Healy don’t think we should send Dustin.
# Newropeans, A new pan European Political Party
A look at Newropeans
# Kosovo declares itself independent as an EU Colony
Well in my opinion anyway
# Please don’t use Lisbon to punish the Government!
A plea that went unheeded?
# Treaty of Lisbon Episode IV: The Charter of Fundamental Rights
More on Lisbon
# Dustin wins Eurosong
my first listen to the song, I didnt like it!
# Anti-Depressents: My Views and Experience
My reaction to a BBC story
# The Irish Conservative Homosexual Agenda
I forgot I wrote this post. Some thoughts on what Conservative Gays want.

Eurovision fever took hold on this blog and I weathered a hurrican in Germany!

German Blog
# I slept throug Hurricane Emma
My mother was right! I did sleep through a hurricane!
# The Languages of Linie 9
The languages I heard everday
# EL-DE Haus
A visit to EL-DE Haus
# I’m Dreaming of a White… Easter?!?!?!?!
Features a cute picture of me sledding according to himself!
# I am now an expert on…. Volcanoes!
Helping with projects

This Blog
# SNAG Póst: AE Conradh um Athchóiriú (Conradh um Liospóin)
Seachtain na Gaeilge Post on Lisbon
# Gay Pride: Triumphalist or rembering a historical battle for human rights?
A look at gay pride
# Grand Prix Vorentscheid 2008 – Live Blogging Attempt
A fun way to watch a show in another language!
# Me Not Meth – New Campaign in Ca
A campaign on methamphetamine in California
# Lisbonne: douze points
Remarks by Margot Wallström
# To The Holy Catholic And Apostolic Church, I’m Leaving You
I tried out atheism for a bit
# Poem: My Name: Is Meth
A poem about the dangers of meth
# Eurovision Semi-Final One: Preview and Prediction
A look a semi final one

Stay tuned for the rest. All will be done by new years! 🙂

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