2008 – A year in Blog Posts Part 2 (Apr – Jun)

Part two of my review of year. This time covering from April to June. Part one is here if you missed it.

April saw my sister visiting in me Germany and me facing a domestic God test. On this blog Lisbon, Eurovision and the UK Locals dominated as well as a few recurring themes.

German Blog
# Bye Sis!
My sister visits me
# Good Parenting Skills?
The boys test my patience
# When the language barrier gets annoying
A reason to learn German
# Domestic God Test: The result
Looking after the boys for an entire weekend on my own
# Spitzname

This Blog
# How Germany NOT the US Screwed up the invasion of Iraq
# Why I love David Norris
He Cracks me up at times
# Gay Intolerance of ConservativesGay Pride… Revisited.
More thoughts on gay pride
# Fathers Response to Gay Kids
Heartening responses from fathers with gay kids – from PFLAG
# How MEP’s Work
An interesting site that will come in useful next year with the europeans coming up!

May saw me return to Ireland and start canvassing. Cowen took over as leader of Ireland inc. and eurovision didnt happen on the blog as planned!

German Blog
# Deutsch, Francais unt/et/and English
Fun with languages
# Last 9 days…
Preparing to leave Germany
# So Long Farewell!
# I’m Home!
My first post back in Ireland
# I Never Knew I Meant So Much To People
The reaction I got to being home

This Blog
# Not a good night, A Great Night!!!
My reaction to UK Local Election Results
# The Next Taoiseach of Ireland: Brian Cowen
A look ahead to Government under Cowen
# New Cabinet: Who’s Up? Who’s Down? Who hasn’t Moved?
I take a look at the reshuffle
# Back on the Canvass
Out canvassing for the Lisbon treaty

In June I lost interest in my other blog and I eventually stopped updating it. So from now on its just posts from this blog. So in June we voted no to Lisbon and Lisbon fairly dominates my posts.

# Question: Are we Neutral?
My view on Irish Neutrality
# The Myths of the “No Side”
I try to dispel some myths
# What Better Deal?
I take issue with a Sinn Fein ad
# Lisbon Round II? No Thanks!
My intial reaction to the No Vcte
# “no alternative to a new referendum”
Venting again

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