2008 – A year in Blog Posts Part 3 (Jul – Dec)

I am down to reviewing one blog at this point so going to deal with July to December in one go. They were quiet months so it should be ok! Check out part one and part two if you missed them!

Europe, Fine Gael and religion are the topics

# Euro Vote ’09
Voter Registration Campaign for the European Elections
# Me and Religion
I ditch Atheism for B’ahaí
# Ditching The Euro
Should be abandon the Euro? I think not
# Fine Gael – Right of Centre, Left of Centre of Just Centre?
I try to define where FG are politically

US Elections come to the fore and I think Ireland needs an Abortion Act

# What Ireland Needs: An Abortion Act
Well it does
# TK Maxx a Rip Off?!?!
Im non-plussed by TK Maxx
Palin gets the Nod

News of an Eary budget breaks, Progressive Democrats near the end and Prop 8 hits the headlines.

# “Government has finally woken up to the scale of the crisis facing the economy”
My reaction to the announcement of the early budget
# “Progressive Democrats is no longer politically viable”
PD’s begine their slow death
# Being a Gay Conservative
An Article I wrote for UCC LGBT
# A possible solution?
A possible solution to Lisbon
# Who else is running?
3rd party and independent candidates in the US.

US election heated up and the Budget

# I didn’t realise how much of an idiot Biden actualy is until now!
Biden is an idiot….
# Not in a Million Years!
My intial reaction to the Budget
# Do the Government want to fall? – Newsvine
I toy with Newsvine and write this
# Budget – Still not happy…
Still not happy to this day

A busy month for blogging!

# Ireland South: A look ahead
Looking ahead at the elections
# I Love Cork OpenCoffee Club
My first OpenCoffee Club meeting
# A reason to Love Cork
A post on what happened one weekend.
# Leave My Bank Alone!
I dont want IL&P to be merged

Another busy month for blogging. Here are some interesting posts.

# World AIDS Day – Respect and Protect
World AIDS Day Post
# Don’t Eat The Pork
Pork recall
# Three Magic Words
How I met my boyfriend and told him I loved him.
# I’m in Shock
Im in a blogging competition
# There is something that might get me to vote yes

In Lisbon Vs Nice, Lisbon wins
# Am I a Geek or a Nerd?
# I am a Fan!
Some things I like
# Some tips for new bloggers
They might come in handy
# Did we get it wrong on the Pope?
I think so

Well 2008 has been an interesting year and it lookd 2009 will be off to a great start. May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads this blog and links to it. And best wishes for 2009!

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