A levy on meat? Feck off!!!

Sausage shelves in tesco after recall 7/12/08Image by stephen.spillane via FlickrAccording to an article in todays Sunday Business Post the Department of Agriculture is considering “an extra levy that will be charged on all Irish meat products purchased by consumers”

Are they serious?

The recent pork recall cost consumers money and has made Irish Pork a damaged brand and now they want us to pay an extra tax on it? You must be kidding me!

The reason for the levy is to create a “contingency fund in the event of future food scares and recalls”. The consumers already bear the burden of this considering that our tax revenues pay for the compensation packages.

If they bring this in it will be another own-goal by the Government and will be another reason to shop in the north. It will also make Irish meat uncompetitive in its home market! Something which will see the sale of foreign meats increase.

This is absolutely crazy and I hope the mandarins in the Department of Agriculture get a clue and don’t introduce yet another levy when it also looks like we will see an increase in the second home levy and the introduction of water charges means that we will be over taxed!

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Author: Stephen

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