Birthday Messages

So today is my birthday and I would like to thank everyone who sent me texts, said it on GTalk, MSN, facebook comments, tweets etc wishing me a happy birthday. I would also like to thank those who came out on Friday night to celebrate! We had a great night!

Also of course thanks to my family for being there over the past 23 years!

Now on to some interesting things. In a few of the cards there was interesting messages and so I have decided to post then here!

From my boyfriend I got this card

Birthday Card from @tywinlannister

and this teddy!

Me and my present from @Tywinlannister

From a friend I got this message in my card

Happy Birthday in Chinese

It’s Happy Birthday in Chinese!!!

From the girls in Jump Juice in the Savoy (Lousie and Sarah) in the card they gave me was this message!

Bday msg from Girls in Jump Juice

If you cant make it out it reads the following:

To Stephen,

Its all down hill from here
old age is horrible you start to
lose personal belongings (phone)
and hair (so far so good) and memories (but
hopefully not us 🙂 )

Funny eh?

And finally someone thought it was my 21st!

Someone thought it was my 21st!

They really did!

Finally again thanks for the birthday wishes and the presents everyone! Love ye all!!!

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Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

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