Don’t Eat the Pork!

The above Picture was taken this morning in Tesco’s in Wilton Shopping Centre in Cork City and is a picture that was shown across the country this morning. I heard about the pork recall after I had a fry up with the family. A bit late then? But then we are told that all pork bought from September 1st had to be destroyed. Thats a hell of a lot of meet.

People are told to destroy the following:
Pork sausages
Sausage meat
Gammon steaks
Offal from pigs
Sausage rolls
Black pudding
White pudding
Ready meals with Irish pork/bacon as an ingredient

This is another hit to farming industry which is already under pressure due to budget cuts. It will also take time for the Irish Pork market to get back its credibility as “safe product”. Germany ordered the destruction of all Irish Pork earlier today and it is thought that 20-25 countries will take similar steps. This is a competeive market that only affects farmers but the entire food market from farmers, to distributers, to restaurants and cafes, to sandwhich makers, and various other ways that pork is used.

RTÉ have an Info page on it and if you are anyway worried do read it.

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Eat the Pork!”

  1. I had breakfast before reading the papers yesterday. I had rashers and sausages. They were delicious. I am still alive. I certainly would not have eaten them however if I had known prior to ordering. The biggest irony here is where I eat. I had my breakfast in the cafe in the Blanchardstown hospital! When did everyone else stop selling pork?

  2. Yikes!! The recall went out to restaurants/hotels etc at Midnight on saturday and retail outlets woke up to it on sunday. Strange a hospital was serving it!!! Maybe it wasnt irish?

  3. Yeah, had breakfast consisting of the same (with the blogger here actually!) before i heard the announcement. I wouldn’t worry too much, you have to consume a vast amount of dioxins to have any adverse effects. What worries me is how long it took to spot this disaster (1st september??). Also, i am interested to see how this affects us, given our current financial status

  4. The problem with dioxin’s is that they build up in the body. It takes years to get out of your system. In terms of the financial hit, no two numbers for exports etc seam to match in any two news reports, but it will be a lot!

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