Three Magic Words

Do You believe in Love at first sight? Well I certainly do.

When I met my boyfriend back on October 15th I knew he was something different. We had been chatting before online and he mentioned that he was coming to Cork for freakscene (where i used to be every week) and I said say hello if you see me. I wasnt sure what to expect as he was squinting in the photo and in other pics he had bad hair! (Its much better now)

When I first saw him in the club, I thought, “wow! that picture does him no justice”. But when I went to go over to him he was gone. I found out after words that he had seen me and thought something similar but got very shy! He eventually built up enough courage to come over and dance. As we were leaving I dragged him upstairs as I heard the first bars of Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire”. I ended up staying outside talking to him for over an hour after the club and we kinda clicked from there. When he asked me out for a drink the next night I had to say yes! We ended up meeting again on the Friday night!

Then came the October Bank Holiday when the LGBT group in Kerry was organising a big party in the Brandon with a Rocky Horror theme. I tried to trick Russell into thinking a friend wanted to go but in the end I admitted it was me. So off I went to Tralee after work and met my parents got changed into my outfit and off I went!

Me All set to go

A great night ensued and I came home no longer single thanks to kick up the arse from my angel cards.

That was the first time I travelled for a guy and I went down again two weeks later to meet his friends and his mother. All of whom are lovely! The following Friday he came up for a weekend to meet my parents and freinds. He then came up again two weeks later (last Friday) for my birthday party.

We were in the caravan on friday night getting ready for the party when I turned around and 3 words popped into my head. I nearly said it. Russell looked at me and said “what?”. I admitted I nearly said something we had both nearly said a few times and I thought “feck it just say it!” So I did. I said the three magic words.

I Love You

Russ and I

It was a great feeling to get how I felt off my chest and to make it sooo much better Russell said it straight back! I have been grinning from ear to ear since!

So Do you believe in love at first sight?

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

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