Coming Out – Some Stories and thoughts

G-A-Y album coverImage via WikipediaRussell recently posted his coming out story. It has a few similarities to my own coming out experience. Mainly the fact that we both came out after coming in contact with LGBT Organisations. I suppose that shows there is a need for LGBT’s both in and out of Colleges.

When I read Russell’s post I actually get quite emotional as it from the heart and is very personal. My own one pales in significance, in my own opinion. But my coming out was quite boring in retrospect and not really surprising to many people. Russell was faced with something of course I didn’t. Coming out in rural Ireland. Russell lives in Listowel, Co. Kerry. A proper country area, with absolutely no gay scene at all in Kerry. For any sort of night time entertainment on a regular basis, you have to travel to Limerick or Cork.

Russell’s post encouraged two others to blog about their coming out. One of them is a friend of ours Ben (aka slimmjim2000) who posted about his coming out experience. His post is also about coming out in rural Ireland.

Both Ben and Russell are good examples of how it is possible to come out in rural Ireland. But what about urban Ireland?

Russell’s post also encouraged Scott to post about his coming out. He posted it in two parts. The first one is about coming out to his family at the age of 15. It is a really touching story and one I loved reading. Part two is about how he came out at school, at age 17! He has some guts in him! Fair play like.

I think these blog posts show that it is possible to come out as Gay in both Urban and Rural areas.

If you have a coming out story that you would like to share, link it in the comment section or tell it, and I will update this post.

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