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One of the great things about this Think About It Competition is that I find out about some really cool websites and Campaigns for the European Elections this coming June. This post is about two of these.

First up is the the European Parliaments own page about the Elections. This has lots of material on the elections. The picture above is in fact the English Logo from the campaign. I has links to the main groupings in the Parliament so you can find out more. It has fact sheets on each member state (heres Irelands). It also gives ten reasons why you should vote in Elections. It has a few pages on news articles from General ones to ones from National Angles. Overall an interesting site, maybe the layout could be a bit better, found they were putting too much on one page, buts thats just me.

The other Website is from Café Babel. Their website is EU Debate 2009. This webiste is trying to create a debate about Europe. It has interesting videos, like this one on how we can save money. It has interesting blogs where you can creat your own!. EUDebate also want to hear about any proposals you may have! Of course they link to the forums over on Café for a more interactive debate! This could be an interesting website as the campaign really gets under way, but it does need fixing. A few of the videos dont work and the main forum is down at the moment. Then agains this isnt properly launched yet, so maybe my expectations are too high, who knows?

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Author: Stephen

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2 thoughts on “EU Election Stuff”

  1. Thanks for the links. I plan to twitter them today (and definitely credity you!) Are you participating in the debates, or just following them?

  2. Hey Linda, Firstly thanks for the comment!

    I will be taking part in the debate, if you mean the Th!nk about it campaign. I will also be campaigning for the EPP in Ireland, so watch out for plenty more EU Election stuff!

    Oh and thanks for tweeting!

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