I’m Giving up Alcohol (Again)

Another Alcohol ShotImage by brosner via FlickrSo if you followed me on twitter, you would have seen tweets giving out about drama on Friday night. After talking with the person involved on MSN last night, he still doesn’t know how really pissed off me and an another friend are with him. So to set a good example, I am giving up alcohol for a bit.

I do this every son often anyway and have a great time out! See my problem is, I get hyper on 7up (and coca-cola), so therefore can normally be seen dancing the night away and not really giving a toss.

Last night was one of those nights. I went out and met with friends and had a great night. So hopefully I will stick to it.

Of course I have a good track record of giving up alcohol. The last time I did, I met my boyfriend, so it was a good decision then and hopefully a good decision now.

Now I’m normally bad at setting a time for when I go back drinking, but I know I will be drinking when I go to Dublin next week, and Brussels the week after, because I will be, kinda, on holidays!

So hopefully it will all work out!

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Author: Stephen

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2 thoughts on “I’m Giving up Alcohol (Again)”

  1. If you have some free time when you are in Dublin, we can catch up for coffee (or a pint, if we both will be in the mood for that :)) – it’d be interesting to meet outside the world wide web…

  2. that would be cool Vlad! Im in Dublin Friday night and Saturday morning before Teencamp. That starts at 1pm. email me stephen(DOT)spillane(AT)gmail(DOT)com and we can arrange something! 🙂

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