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Models of Blogs: Blog as Participant in Conver...Image by robinhamman via FlickrMy post about blogging tips got a good bit of comments and feedback so I have decided to try and think of a few more. Bock gave a few in his response to the post, so may be borrowing a few of them!

1. Link within your own site.
If you have other related posts, list them at the bottom or put links to them inside the post. Stop thinking of your site as something sequential and start thinking of it as three-dimensional. You want to persuade readers to dig wider and deeper into the stuff you’ve written.

2. List sites you Like
Post an occasional list of links to sites you’ found and liked. This just shows your DO read other peoples blogs. Also shares the linklove

3. Get Stats!
Install something like Google Analytics or StatCounter. This allows you to see what is popular on your site and to see where people are coming from.

4. Post when you want!
As Bock says in his comment post “regularly” not frequently. In other words, do post when you feel like posting and don’t force it!

5. Get Listed on Technorati.
Technorati ranks blogs by authority so it is to see what is happening around your blog!

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