Mulley Rocks – End Of

From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th

Niall has an excellent profile of Damien Mulley and what he has done for the Irish Tech Scene. It is brilliant to see what everyone thinks of him.

What have gotten from Mulley? Not alot directly, but if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be blogging, I wouldn’t be on twitter, I wouldn’t have been at TeenCamp. To put it simple this man is IT when it comes to tech and has always pointed me in the right direction.

I have seen him give encouragement to so many people. I have been privileged in the past to receive posts from in advance. If you get a link from Mulley, you would want to hope your servers can handle it!

Mulley is a hard working chap, but if you do something good, he will tell you! Which is great! Of course, he will also tell you where you are going wrong which is equally great!

To put it simply. Mulley Rocks, he organsises great tech events (blog awards, web awards) and supports others (TeenCamp). The Irish tech scene would be alot poorer with out him!

So do us a favour, get him some business!

Keep on Rocking Mulley!

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