New Blogs – 6/1/09

So the first time I have updated my Blogroll in 2009 and I have found a few new blogs that might interest you my dear readers.

First up is: “The Cosmo” on RTÉ Pulse this is a blog by Scott De Buitléir the Presenter of “The Cosmo”, a show aimed at the LGBT Community, on RTÉ Pulse. He is a bit nervous about his first live show tomorrow night, but lets tune in and support him!

Next up is, some of you might know him from Every Day is Election Day where he blogs with Ciara. This is an excellent blog, and I love his latest post on being over saturated by media.

Now we have Scott’s Blog… in English, yes its the same Scott as from RTE Pulse but this is his personal blog. He has some really good posts up on this. From the point of view of Gay Irish Blogs, he is definitively one to watch! He has one excellent post on why some people play The Sims and Second Life. Tá blog as Gaeilge ag Scott freisin agus tá sé ar fheabhas!

Last but not least is a brand spanking new blog, which only started today Hear Ye, Hear Ye which is written by a friend in Kerry. He has one post (so far!), which is excellent, on coming out. Do check him out and encourage him to blog!

Thats all for this update. If you think you know of a blog I would like, let me know in the comments!

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