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Wreckage of a crash from Saragossa, Spain. The...Image via WikipediaGrannymar has an excellent post on Road safety and deaths over on her blog. Her posts and the comments reminding me of an incident that happened back in October 2006. I didn’t blog about it at the time, but i did put it on a forum. I have reproduced my post* below.

Imagine it; you are at home in the middle of the afternoon when an old school friend ring’s you. You are wondering, “What could he want.” You answer:
“Did you hear about Pat?” He asks, I reply, “no, what happened.” “He died in a car crash early this morning. Can you get in touch with Bryan and Peter?” he said. “Yea, no bother” I replied in shock.
4:10pm on Thursday 5th of October I had the above conversation. He was heart breaking then to have to contact old friends and give what little information I had.
It was Friday morning before I knew the full details and the fact he had a newborn baby son! Now I am the quite the emotional type, I was surprised I lasted the rosary last night but I dread the Removal tonight. I know when the coffin passes me, I may break down, it’s such finality.
The Government seriously needs to get its act together and give the Road Safety Authority and the Garda Síochána some real powers. Roads also need to be improved and drivers educated at a young age to the dangers of speed.
My thoughts and prayers are with Pat’s family, his parents, grandparents, brother, sisters, fiancee and son, as well as his extended family and friends and all who cared for him in their own way.

When will the Carnage End?

Grannymar makes a few practical suggestions for improvements to how things are done in the south and I think the idea of ‘R’ Licenses is one that should be looked at. As Grannymar points out “At no point that I am aware of, does the Highway Code cover driving a car full of giggling passengers. Does it tell you how the extra weight of passengers in the back seats or a heavy load in the boot can affect how a car moves when brakes are applied or when going around a bend?” Which is very true. She also raises the idea of simulators which can easily be integrated to the theory test in my opinion.

As Steph points out 279 people lost there lives on Irish Roads last year. How many more have to die before there is radical change in how we are thought to drive?

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  1. Great post Stephen and thanks for the link.

    I hope in retelling your story that it helped you in some way and was a timely reminder for others.

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