Steve’s Five-A-Day – 24/1/09

NYRA Berkeley Voting Age ProtestImage via WikipediaJust note, I doubt there will be a five-a-day tomorrow and there will definitely be none on Monday or Tuesday (unless I am very bored in the Hotel). Normal service will resume on Wednesday, now for today’s recommended reading.

1. Anthony on Public Inquiry has a piece on Marian Finucane’s reaction to what happened Brian Lenihan on newsnight
2. Gav has a brilliant piece on Young people and politics and raises the issue of lowering the voting age.
3. UCCLGBT’s Rainbow week gets underway on Monday. Check it out if your around Cork during the week. Full line up here
4. Iain Dale thinks the BBC should screen the Aid Appeal for Gaza.
5. Guido hits back at Polly Toynbee on the issue of “fatcat bonuses”

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