Two Months, Too Soon?

Dosent @tywinlannister look cute in a tie?Image by stephen.spillane via FlickrI blogged recently enough about the time I told my boyfriend I loved him. I have also told it to a few people. A comment I hear alot is “Do you think it is too soon for that?” I must admit, it was starting to niggle me from the back of my head. But last night I went out (and didnt drink) and met with a friend from New Jersey. He was with two of his friends from Dublin and we were doing the whole getting to know you, how long have you been with your boyfriend and that.

They told me that they had said that they had told each other they loved each other after less then two months and they moved into together after five months. That happened six years ago they told me! This was a weight off my mind. Here was a good example of gay couple that worked.

Unfortunately, in the gay scene in Cork and among my friends, there isnt a whole lot of long-term relationships, so actually meeting someone who was in the same situation was a great relief to me (and Russell when I rang im later in the night to tell him!). It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders as now I can say, I know of others who were in the same situation and are still together.

I couldnt be happier then after I met Tom and Eugene and basically told me, what I feel is normal, and is not too fast!

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