What has Anne Frank have to do with Gaza?

Anne FrankImage via WikipediaFor the last two days there has been a protest on Patrick St about the Israeli offensive in Gaza. At the stand they had a picture of Anne Frank wearing a keffiyeh. Why?

A friend suggested that the protestors were trying to draw a comparison between the Nazi’s who killed Jewish children (Anne Frank for example) and Israeli Defence Forces who have killed children. Maybe? But is it really the fault of the Israeli’s that Hamas place weapons and military personal, near civilian areas, near schools and near UN compounds. Hamas have done this to dare Israel to attack them, in the hope that the collateral damage will pile further pressure on Israel.

To me, using a picture of Anne Frank like this is sick, plain and simple. Anne Frank was murdered by a state policy that mandated the killing of all Jews in German Occupies Territories during the Second World War. Does Israel treat its Arab citizens like that? No. In fact Israel’s Arab citizens have the same rights as Jewish citizens. Worryingly though, Israel has banned all Arab parties in the upcoming elections which might have a bit of backlash, and is comepletely wrong.

What I thought was the funniest thing about the protest though was the slogan used by the protesters. “Help the people of Gaza, sign our petition”. Yes really, signing a petition will help these people. Come on please. No one can be so simple to think that. Israel has ignored many such petitions in the past and will continue to do so. Maybe instead of signing the petitions people should think of donating money to aid agencies in Gaza. This sort of action will help the people of Gaza when the fighting stops.

Of course, do not think that I am completely on Israel’s side here. It is because of Israel’s actions that this situation has come about. Both sides, in my opinion need their heads knocked together. Israel needs to knock down that wall, end the economic blockade and attempt to win over the hearts and minds of the Palestinians if they are to have any hope of existing peacefully within a two state solution.

But back to Anne Frank, I have visited Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and it ias hard to keep a dry eye, while visiting it, but its this how her memory should be used? No! Anne Frank was a victim of State sponsored genocide. Israel is not commiting a genocide. Israel is defending itself and until Hamas defenders see that they are defending a terrorist organisation they will continue to misrepresent Israel. Of course the Irish Media are doing enough of that themselves!

Right thats enough about Israel for this week. I promise!

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