What will I be up to in Brussels?

This is one of the most asked questions about my upcoming trip to Brussels for the Thinking about it competition so here goes an idea of what I will getting up to.

Monday sees me in a hotel all day at talks from fascinating people. After a welcome, Tony Barber of the FT, Mark Mardell of the BBC and Stefan Happer of Politikportal (German) and Brussels Media (English), will be talking to us about blooging about the EU and the relavance of these elections. After that Piotr Kaczynski of CEPS will be telling us the hot topics of 09. The last talk before lunch sees a talk on Vlogging from Raymond Frenken of EUX.TV.

After Lunch sees a discussion around is Blogging Journalim involving Joseph Hennon, a Commission Spokesman and Michael Opgenhaffen, a Researcher. Then there is a talk by Julian Popov of the Bulgarian School of Politics, on how to blog about politics creatively. After that is a talk on Standing out in the bloggersphere by Clo Willaerts of the Sanoma Group.

After a coffee break we are told the rules of the competition! Then there is a talk by Mario Giuseppe, UK National Manager of AEGEE, on covering elections. Then there is a panel discussion on creating an award winning blog.

Tuesday sees us in the European Parliament. There we will start off with an introduction to the European Parliament by Ioannis Darmis. Then we well get talks on the European Parliament online and elections online from the Webcomm Unit. After that the Parliament’s Press Office will give a talk on the electoral background. Then there is a talk on how the polilitical groups are following Obama with their online stuff. Then we have a tour followed by a talk by 3 MEP’s Christopher Fjellner (EPP), Marianne Mikko (PES) and Alexander Alvaro (ALDE). Then I fly home.

It will be an interesting two days an dlots of paper and ink will be used. Think I will get a few ideas for blog posts too!

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Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for SpirtualityIreland.org and UCC Express.

2 thoughts on “What will I be up to in Brussels?”

  1. Have a fantastiv time! I was there myself not too long ago, at the Youth Media Days. At the time, I was very wary of the EU cozying up to young journalists to get favourable coverage. Keep your wits about you in the big smoke 🙂

    I’ll follow your progress with interest :)(and have fun)

  2. thanks Clare, this is being run by the European Journalism Centre, so the EU has no say in it! 🙂 We can be critical all we want!

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