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So this is post number 1000! Wow, I’ve been blogging now for a month and a bit short of four years, but still, I feel like this is a bit of an achievement! That or I need a life, especially considering this is also post number 60 of 2009, yup definately need a life!

But in other news the Blogging Competition starts over on thinkaboutit.eu. It launches at midnight tonight and I plan to have my first post up on it at some point tomorrow and I hope then to start getting you all to vote (for me!)! So expect plenty of begging posts during the competition. I will be cross posting the entries during the competition so opinions can be given here or on the competition blog.

Anyway thanks for sticking with me over the last 999 posts! Heres to 1000 more!

Update: So yea, Gamma was right, this isnt my 1000th post, stupid dashboard was counting drafts aswell 🙁

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7 thoughts on “1000th Post”

  1. Congrats on the post!! That’s cool, I’m still only starting off, kinda lol

    Blogging competition sounds interesting, but it’s a pity that it’s only restricted to a few ppl! 🙁

  2. Thanks Scott, though it turns out I am a little premature! (stupid draft posts)

    The competition is interesting, but it had to be limited from a logisitical standpoint. Not sure how many of 80-odd bloggers will go the full hog though!

  3. Simply because I never made the mistake! 🙂 One day, in passing, I wondered how many posts I had online, and checked the dashboard, “1010” or something. I thought to myself “oh thats nice, over a thousand… dum de dum”. A few minutes later, I wanted to sort the post view for my blog account so I selected the “published” option for the “my posts” thingy. Then I saw I was a few short and I went “oh right, thats interesting how they include drafts in the total”. I had no intention about posting about my 1000th post.

    That said, I did have a post last year making a big deal out of a post being the 365th post and how it meant I had a post for every day of the year, only to remember it was a leap year so I was one short. That was almost genuine, as I did forget it was a leap year before posting, but the post itself was still very much contrived.

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