A great night out for €10

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Last night I went to my first Magic: The Gathering Draft Night in UCC. It is organised by WARPS. This was quite an experience for me, actually meeting more Magic players, it was great. We actually got to play with Conflux cards which were only on sale from today so it was really cool.

How much does it cost? €10 for 3three booster packs! (these retail in Cork at €4 each and at €4.50 each in Dublin) so it is a bit of a money saver and you get to play people!

Two of the lads were great for me to play against as they showed me where I was going wrong. So I learned alot. They do this every Thursday so I am very tempted to go every week!

Tomorrow (Saturday) sees the release event for the Conflux set. It is starting at 11am. It will be really cool. You get 6 boosters (3 Conflux and 3 Shards of Alara) and some land or you get 3 Conflux boosters and a Shards of Alara Tournament pack and you then have to make a deck from that. I will be better at that then I was at drafting I think.

How Drafting works.

Drafting works like this: You open pack one and draft a card out of it. You then pass it to your right. You take the pack passed to you and take a card from that. When that pack is gone, you open the second pack, draft a card out and pass it left. The third pack is treated like the first. You end up with 45 cards to make a 40 card deck from.

The Launch Event will be sealed play which means you keep all the cards given to you at the start. You make a 40 card deck from it, but you are a (hopefully) allowed a sideboard with the remaining cards. You can change your deck between games during rounds but you must return the deck to its original layout at the start of each round.

I’m looking forward to the event tomorrow as it is the only launch event in Ireland!

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