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The European Peoples Party have launched an online consultation on their draft manifesto (availible here in PDF). They have called it Dialogue TV. It is a multimedia site with video’s on the major subjects in the manifesto.

The major subjects are:
1. Creating Prosperity for Everyone
2. Making Europe a Safer Place
3. Combatting Climate Change
4. Tackling the Demographic Challenge
5. Uniting Europe on the World Stage

What are the EPP hoping to get from Dialogue TV?

The EPP hope that Dialogue TV will approach and actively engage European citizens in a dialogue. A high aim considering how many EU citizens visit the EPP website? The EPP also want Dialogue TV to present the EPP’s. program and ideas ahead of the European elections in June 2009.

This is going to be hard sell as it has to compete with the likes of Party of European Socialits “Yourspace” and also disinterestin the European ELections.

So people this is your chance to influence the EPP’s (and therefore Fine Gael’s if you are in Ireland) Manifesto. Take the Opportunity! Start the Dialogue!

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