Latest Opinion Poll and a bit of a Lisbon Rant

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Its been awhile since the last poll, but RTÉ report on a poll being Published in tomorrow’s Sunday Business Post.

The headline figures are:

Fine Gael 33% (-2)
Fianna Fail 28% (-2
Labour 14% (NC)
Greens 8% (+3)
Sinn Fein 9% (+1)
Ind/Others 8% (NC)

The opinion poll also asked a question on the Lisbon Treaty. 58% of people back the treaty according to the poll. 28% are against and 14% don’t now.

It is strange that in a week that some leading no campaigners claimed the treaty was flawed due to a case being LODGED against the treaty in Germany that the majority in Ireland come out for in it in a poll.

Yes you read that right the lodging of a case means something is flawed according to the Peoples Movement (PDF). That is like saying that if someone is charged with a crime then they are guilty without trial! At least let Lisbon go to a hearing before passing judgement Madam McKenna. No one can predict when the Court will give a verdict, after the Maastricht case it was the day after the hearing, will it be the same for Lisbon? Will the Court the cases separately? Nobody knows but as usual the Peoples Movement try to rush in and try to misinform people again.

Anyway back to the poll, Fianna Fail remain five points behind Fine Gael while the Greens seam to be on the up and are avoiding being tainted by this Government it seams. For a change the Fianna Fail tactic of blaming the smaller party doesn’t seam to be working, and they are suffering.

The results of the Local and European Elections will be very interesting this year!

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