Steve’s Five-A-Day 2/2/09

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Some reading for a Monday

1. Twenty Major wonders should we say something if our taxi driver farts
2. Darragh points to a brilliant site “Old Jews Telling Jokes
3. GayPatriot highlight a disaster in Kentucky and Obama is doing nothing. (And the news networks arent reporting it either!)
4. The H.I. has a brilliant post on for nine pounds about Wii Fit that had me smiling
5. George has a good post on the Th!nk blog comparing the EU to Unilever. It makes ya think all right!

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2 thoughts on “Steve’s Five-A-Day 2/2/09”

  1. dang you read a lot. I have so many school books to keep up with, I don’t have time to even read recreational books.

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